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      Some methods for solving the problem of surface treatment of export kitchen utensils ------Application of new line cleaning equipment in surface treatment of kitchen utensils

      Release date:2019-05-22

      With the recovery of the global economy, a large number of orders are flying to the rising China. Because China is in the early stage of development of the industrial country, there are idle manufacturing processes and technologies, professional production equipment, low labor wages, and countries. The open preferential conditions······ formed a large manufacturing market in China.

      The application of non-stick high-temperature paint in kitchen utensils was originally in Europe and America. Due to their different eating habits, the European and American diet barbecues are common, and the stick pan phenomenon is serious... In Europe and America, high-temperature non-stick paint was invented. At present, high-temperature non-stick paint has been widely used in China, and some problems have arisen.

      In China, there were non-stick pans and smokeless pots in 2006-2007, but because of our different cooking habits, we ended up failing. The main cooking habits in China are steaming, frying, and the temperature of frying is relatively high. Don’t say that it has exceeded the consumption. The gasification temperature of the oil may reach the combustion temperature, and the limit temperature of the non-stick paint is only about 400 degrees. In addition, we are used to constantly stir fry with metal scoops, there is no reason to not paint, all non-sticky. There is not much market for wok in China.

      I would like to say something about the problems encountered in the surface treatment of exporting kitchen utensils:

      First, the traditional cake mold (non-stick) manual surface treatment process:

      1 soaking and degreasing (heating 60 ° C) - manual rubbing grease - manual hot water washing (heating 40 ° C) - manual cold water rinsing - - manual over-slot adjustment - soak phosphating (15mln) - cold water rinsing - drain drying (Drying in the rainy day) - rubbing phosphating - spraying.

           2 Problems:

        Because workers work in high humidity, high pollution, high intensity environment, wages are large and workers are hard to recruit. Moreover, the hand-washed workpiece has uneven scrubbing and the cleaning quality is not good, especially the cake mold. Due to the complicated structure, there is no way to scrub all-round. The result is: the quality of the workpiece is good or bad, and the paint is easy to fall off. It is easy to rust and the surface of the workpiece is rough.

      Second, the traditional cake mold (non-stick) cleaning machine line surface treatment process

           1 Flat washer line process:

        Upper part - spray pre-degreasing (heating 60 ° C) - spray degreasing (heating 60 ° C) - (drip) - spray hot water wash (heating 50 ° C) - spray cold water wash - (drip) - Spray meter adjustment - (drip) - spray phosphating (heating 35 ° C) - (drip) - spray washing (heating 40 ° C) - spray cold water wash - spray hydration wash - () manually flip Water)--drying drying--cooling--lower piece

           2 Hanging washing machine assembly line process:

        Upper part - swim dipping pre-degreasing (heating 60 ° C) - swim dipping and degreasing (heating 60 ° C) - (drip) - swim hot water wash (heating 50 ° C) --- spray cold water wash -- (drip) --Sweeping table adjustment - (drip) - swimming immersion phosphating (heating 35 ° C) - (drip) - swimming soaking (heating 40 ° C) --- spray cold water wash --- spray hydrating wash --Bake drying - cooling - lower parts

      3 Problems:

      Due to the complicated structure of the cake mold, there is no way to manually scrub the whole hand. Therefore, the (flat) (suspended) type washing machine is designed on the market, which greatly saves labor and improves product quality and efficiency. Because the hanging cleaning machine must have reasonable hanging holes on the workpiece and have certain rules, it can not meet the needs of the process, and all are not widely used.

      Third, the widely used cake mold (non-stick) cleaning machine line surface treatment problems for specific analysis:

      1 There is a serious stringing phenomenon

      When the workpiece is transported on the mesh belt, especially on both sides of the cake mold, there are concave and convex surfaces, which will take away some of the previous potion. Even the pizza pot and the aluminum pot will take away some of the previous potion. Don’t say that the time is long. In a few days, it will be found that the phenomenon of stringing is serious. This kind of stringing can not be solved by lengthening the draining area.

      2 detergent waste is serious

      The phenomenon of stringing will inevitably lead to a serious waste of detergent

      3 Water waste is serious

      The phenomenon of stringing leads to waste of detergent and waste of water resources.

      4 Phosphating is not treated in a timely and reasonable manner. (Now most factories still use zinc phosphating.) It often happens that the nozzle is clogged, the pipe is blocked, the pump is blocked, and the cleaning is troublesome.

      Problem One is a waste of phosphating solution

      Problem 2 Zinc-based phosphating phosphating solution is turbid every day. In addition to the precipitation of most phosphating tanks, it will precipitate and accumulate in pipes, pumps, nozzles, etc., eventually causing nozzle blockage, pipe blockage, pump blockage, and Phosphating workpieces are heavily contaminated with phosphating, which affects product quality. Moreover, it is necessary to drain the phosphating solution of the phosphating tank, and it is more difficult to block the pipeline.

      5 Energy use is not high.

      Widely used cleaning machines generally use the same mesh belt for cleaning and drying, which will greatly increase the humidity of the drying tunnel (the moisture on the mesh belt is simultaneously dried), so that the drying function of the drying tunnel is reduced, and the product is also reduced. A white-gray watermark will appear, which will affect the quality of the product and also cause a waste of heating energy.

      The “new kitchen line washing machine” process fundamentally solves the various problems of the above traditional washing machines:

      1 Ways to solve the serious liquid scavenging phenomenon of traditional washing machines:

      When the workpiece is cleaned and transported over the mesh belt, it is between the zone and the zone. The traditional method is the drain zone. We designed an adjustable smash-proof high-pressure air curtain that can electrically adjust the relative distance. The high-pressure wind is generated by the high-pressure fan. A strong wind of 45 degrees is formed on the upper and lower sides of the mesh belt (workpiece), and the water on the mesh belt and the workpiece passing through the area is basically blown back to the water receiving tray, thereby effectively preventing the liquid repellency.

      2 Solve the serious problems of traditional cleaning machine cleaners and water waste:

      The solution of the stringing phenomenon, the problem of detergent and water waste is fundamentally solved.

      In order to completely solve this problem, the filter before the pump is changed to filter blue, so that the solid granular impurities in the cleaning liquid are basically loaded into the filter blue, which effectively solves the problem that the nozzle is easily blocked, and the cleaning is quite convenient and quick. Secondly, a horizontal overflow tank is designed on the blue side of the filter. The water floating on the surface passes through the horizontal overflow tank and the related pipeline to the oil-water separator, and then the separated water is pumped back into the cleaning system through the water pump for recycling. Can achieve 0 emission requirements.

      3 Reasonable treatment of zinc phosphating solution (phosphorus phosphating) in traditional cleaning machine

      The solution of a string of liquid phenomena greatly improves the stability of the phosphating solution.

      Secondly, the zinc phosphating tank is deepened and deepened, and the precipitation and removal of the phosphating method is better.

      Thirdly, a filter press is arranged proportionally on the phosphating tank, and the filtration flow rate just meets the amount of phosphating at the end of the phosphating process. Only the daily removal of the phosphating in the filter press and the impurities in the filter blue is equivalent to maintaining the surface treatment equipment every day, thus effectively solving the technical problem that the phosphating solution is turbid, and the nozzle, the pipeline and the water pump are easily blocked.

      4 The root cause of low energy use:

      Widely used cleaning machines generally use the same mesh belt for cleaning and drying, which will greatly increase the humidity of the drying tunnel (the moisture on the mesh belt is simultaneously dried), so that the drying function of the drying tunnel is reduced, and the product is also reduced. A white-gray watermark will appear, which will affect the quality of the product and also cause a waste of heating energy.

      5 Solutions for low energy use:

      We have designed a set of synchronous bridge system at the surface treatment and drying tunnel entrance, which not only completes the workpiece transportation but also realizes the separation of the mesh belt, and designs a set of heat using the drying tunnel at the upper and lower parts of the synchronous bridge system. Hot air curtain for exhaust gas recovery. After the adjustable anti-sputum air curtain completes the water blowing task, the hot air curtain is passed through, and the surface of the workpiece is basically dried. This method not only solves the technical problem and product quality, but also greatly saves heating energy and production cost.


      The process flow of the new pipeline cleaning equipment in the surface treatment of kitchen utensils:

            Upper part - pre-degreasing (heating 60 ° C) - degreasing (heating 60 ° C) - degreasing (heating 60 ° C) - adjustable (relative height) anti-sputum air curtain - hot water wash (heating 50 ° C) - -Cold water washing--Replenishing water--Adjustable anti-sputum liquid air curtain--Table adjustment--Adjustable anti-sputum liquid air curtain--Phosphating (heating 30°C)--Adjustable anti-sputum liquid air curtain--Washing-Replenishing --Adjustable anti-sputum liquid curtain-Suihua-adjustable anti-sputum liquid air curtain-deionized water washing--adjustable blowing water (network belt separation) under blowing water-adjustable hot air curtain---drying drying --Cooling -- the next piece

      Six new application of line cleaning equipment in the surface treatment of kitchen utensils

         With the development of China's kitchen utensils manufacturing industry and the continuous improvement of kitchen line cleaning equipment technology, the new kitchen line washing machine has been used and approved in the Yangtze River Delta cake mold (non-stick pan) production plant, especially the cake mold production plant and cake mold. Buyers have really tasted the benefits of new line cleaning equipment, such as high production capacity, labor saving, and reliable product quality. This technology should be developed rapidly.


      Industrialization of surface treatment is the direction. Solving the difficult problem of surface treatment coating equipment is the responsibility of our surface treatment coating industry. We are the beauty designer of industrial products and the guardian of the global environment.